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4D Announces Product Update Plans
7/06/05 12:15 AM PST
Product Release Summary
Our developers have been extremely busy in recent months as they work on our
top priority: getting new versions of 4D 2004 and 4D 2003 out the door. We
know quite a few of you were disappointed that we didn't have a certified
version of 4D ready to roll with Apple's Tiger. However, we felt that
caution would be better than rushing out a version which may not have
included everything we wanted in 2004.2.  We decided the best approach would
be to fix the bugs you asked us to fix, then release the quality version we
wanted to release. We promised we would deliver 2004.2 in June, and we will
honor that promise. In a matter of week, we will release what we feel will
be a "golden" release. We have fixed over 300 bugs with this release and
"rounded" out some of the 2004 features, with your feedback in mind. This
release will be certified for Tiger, and we are certain you'll all
appreciate the power and ease of the combination of 4D 2004 and Tiger.

So what about 4D 2003 and Tiger? As we announced earlier, once we have 4D
2004.2 released, we will turn our attention to making 4D 2003 compatible
with Tiger. We?ll let you know more about this once we have done the
research and can fully identify the current incompatibilities. This should
be a relatively quick process from the experience gained on testing and
developing 4D 2004.2. However, as we move ahead, we do strongly recommend
that you move to 4D 2004.2 to be guaranteed the best experience on Tiger.

Other projects we have been looking to include: how to make it easier for
you to add MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook (contacts and appointments) as well as
iCal and Address Book integration to your applications. In the next few
weeks, we will be introducing beta versions of new object libraries that
will allow you to quickly--without coding--add this integration capability
to your applications.

Many of you have emailed us to ask when our next major version will be
released. As we promised last year our focus this year has been on
constantly improving 4D 2004 and 4D 2003. I know many people have been
holding off on purchasing 4D 2004, in the belief that there would be a 4D
2005 in the next six months; but as we recently released 4D 2004 in late Q3
last year, we believe the optimal use of our resources would be to ensure
the best customer experience with our current versions rather than rushing
into a new release before our customers had a chance to take full advantage
of all the new powerful features in 4D 2004. So for those of you who have
been waiting for a new release: now is the time to jump on the 4D 2004
express train, and stop depriving you and your users of the over one hundred
powerful new features that 4D 2004 offers TODAY.
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