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To a programmer, Friday just means there are only two working days until Monday.
Tom Dillon  
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hmExecuter 1.0: Write and debug 4D-Code in compiled applications
Today, heubach media released their latest plugin hmExecuter.   Would you like to know more? Thursday
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Technical Tip
Table and Related One field popup
Submitted by Keith Culotta, Computer Dimensions, Inc.

  // ----------------------------------------------------
  // Method: popup_MenuFromTablePtr - all menu levels
  // --- Create a Dynamic popup menu with Related One fields & get user's selection
  // INPUT1: Pointer - table of origination
  // OUTPUT:  Pointer - to a field
  // ---------------------------------------------------- 
  // --- params passed from this method to itself
  // INPUT2: Pointer - table to build menu for
  // INPUT3: Pointer - array of built menuRef 
  // INPUT4: menuref - attach new menu to 



If (Count parameters>0)

If (Count parameters=1)
ARRAY TEXT($aMenus;0)
$passedMenu:=Create menu
$go:=($tableOrig#$tableWork)  // - check for circular ref
End if 

APPEND TO ARRAY($aMenuPtr->;$passedMenu)

If ($go)
GET FIELD TITLES($tableWork->;$afT;$afN)  // omits invisibles
$size:=Size of array($afN)

For ($i;1;$size)

GET RELATION PROPERTIES($tableNum;$afN{$i};$oneT;$oneF)
$fieldName:=Field name($tableNum;$afN{$i})

If ($oneT=0)
APPEND MENU ITEM($passedMenu;$fieldName)
SET MENU ITEM PARAMETER($passedMenu;-1;String($tableNum)+" "+String($afN{$i}))
$newMenu:=Create menu
popup_MenuFromTablePtr ($tableOrig;Table($oneT);$aMenuPtr;$newMenu)
APPEND MENU ITEM($passedMenu;$fieldName;$newMenu)
End if 

End for 

If ($topLevel)

$ans:=Dynamic pop up menu($passedMenu)

For ($i;1;Size of array($aMenus))
RELEASE MENU($aMenus{$i})
End for 

If ($ans#"")
ARRAY TEXT($aWords;0)
End if 

End if 

End if 

End if 
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4D Job Wallet
4D Job Wallet 4D Job Wallet - a brand new commercial component for 4D developers which is designed to turn method browsing into a breeze, code sharing into a snap and complexity management into fun.
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