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Technical Tip
Find duplicate field values in selection
Submitted by Keith Culotta, Computer Dimensions, Inc.

Here's a fairly fast 4D method for finding duplicates in a single field. Pass a pointer to the field. There must be enough memory to handle an array for each record's field value, a longint array of the selection's size and another longint array of up to half the selection's size.

The method can return a set of records that have a duplicate in the selection or just display a selection of the duplicates it found.

// ----------------------------------------------------
// User name (OS): Keith
// Date and time: 11/16/12, 11:12:14
// ----------------------------------------------------
// Method: DuplicatesToSet
//          Search the current selection for duplicate values in a field.
// INPUT1: Pointer - to field to examine
// INPUT2: Text - name of Set to contain duplicates or ""
//          The selection will not be changed when a non blank string is passed.
//          In this case the calling method will handle the created Set.
//          Pass an empty string to make this method change the selection
//          to show any duplicates found.
// INPUT3: Boolean - Sort the array
//          Falsecan be passed if the selection is already sorted on $1
// OUTPUT: Longint - Number of records in the set
// ----------------------------------------------------


If ($2#"")
End if

SELECTION TO ARRAY($table->;$aRecs;$field->;$afield)

If ($sortArray)
SORT ARRAY($afield;$aRecs)
End if

$size:=Size of array($aRecs)
$addFirst:=True // add a record to the duplicate array only once

For ($i;2;$size)
If ($aField{$i}=$aField{$i-1})
If ($addFirst)
APPEND TO ARRAY($aFound;$aRecs{$i-1})
End if
APPEND TO ARRAY($aFound;$aRecs{$i})
End if
End for

CREATE SET FROM ARRAY($table->;$aFound;$DupSet)
$0:=Records in set($DupSet)

If ($2="")
USE SET($DupSet)
End if
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