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Technical Tip
Publication Name
New/modified command in 4D 2004.1.

It is now possible to modify the publication name of a database published by 4D Server, i.e., the name displayed on the dynamic TCP/IP publication page of the connection dialog box.

This parameter is found on the Client-Server/Configuration page of the application Preferences dialog box.

By default, 4D Server uses the database structure file name. You can enter any custom name you want.

Note: This parameter is not taken into account within the framework of custom client-server applications. In principle, the client application connects directly to the server application, without passing by the connection dialog box. However, in case of error, this dialog box appears; in this case, the publication name of the server application is the name of the compiled database.
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4D Summit 2005 Coverage
4D Summit 2005 Coverage The 4D Summit Conference 2005 is now underway. 4DToday.com's in-depth coverage begins right here tomorrow. We'll bring you details about the morning's keynote session, and updates throughout the day on the announcements made here at the Summit Conference.
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October 2005
13 4D Workshop
4D Consulting.com, Wiesbaden (Germany)
13 4D WorkShop free training for beginners
4D Werkstatt, Wiesbaden (Germany) from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
25-26 4D Application Development
4D Deutschland, München (Germany)
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