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Developers: 4D Developer
Available for hire for 4D development.
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Microphage Inc. Update
•  4D Developer • 
Case postale 849, Succursale Desjardins Montréal, QC H5B 1B9 Canada
Tel.: 514-278-1981   Fax: 514-271-8215
Email: rricard@microphage.qc.ca
URL: http://www.microphage.qc.ca/
Contact: René Ricard
MICWARE Consultants
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Instructor •  Software Publisher • 
Our experience is based on strong expertise of tools and solutions like 4D and Macromedia Director as well as languages such as C on the various platforms and systems.
32, Av. du Mal. de Lattre de Tassigny 94410 Saint Maurice France
Tel.: +33 (0)872457230   Fax: +33 (0)8825272229
Email: micware@free.fr
URL: http://www.micware.net
Contact: Michel Sitruk
Millenium Data Services Update
•  4D Developer • 
1338 Pine Point Dr., PO Box 750 Lewiston, MI 49756 US
Tel.: 517-786-4848  
Email: mv@mds2000.com
URL: http://www.mds2000.com/
Contact: Michael Vogt
Milliseconds Computer Services, LLC
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Instructor •  Software Publisher • 
Milliseconds Computer Services, LLC provides custom software development and sports timing services. Focusing on business management, sports information, GPS position reporting and RF transponder timing systems.
463 W 3600 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84115 US
Tel.: 801-582-3121   Fax: 801-761-9244
Email: info@milliseconds.com
URL: http://www.milliseconds.com/
Contact: James (Mac) M Read
MIMO S.A Update
•  4D Developer •  Instructor • 
Due to a lack of time, only develops extensions of PoleContact (see website www.osmose.net)
92, rue de Lourmel 75015 Paris France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 45 54 39 71   Fax: +33 (0)1 45 58 16 49
Email: mimosa@wanadoo.fr
Contact: Hervé Le Marchand
Mindfire Solutions
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Software Publisher • 
4D development, webdevelopment, applications development.
A-16,MCIE,, Mathura Road New delhi India
Tel.: +91 9818757597  
Email: ricky@mindfiresolutions.com
URL: www.mindfiresolutions.com
Contact: Mindfire Solutions
mitchenall.com Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Instructor • 
With over 10 years 4D experience, mitchenall.com provide expert development, consultancy and training as well as a selection of tools and components for developers.
128A Melrose Ave NW2 4JX London UK
Tel.: +44 (0)7850 847 5433031  
Email: info@mitchenall.com
URL: http://www.mitchenall.com/
Contact: Mark Mitchenall
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer • 
710, Bloomfield Outremont, QC H2V 3S3 Canada
Tel.: 514-575-3444   Fax: 514-277-3018
Email: dupere@molodata.ca
URL: http://www.molodata.ca/
Contact: Normand Dupéré
Montage Software Systems, Inc. Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Reseller • 
76 Hillbrook Road, PO Box 7574 Wilton, CT 06897-7574 US
Tel.: 203-834-1144  
Email: jim@montagesoftware.com
URL: http://www.montagesoftware.com/
Contact: James Alonso
Thierry Mouneyrac
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Instructor • 
10, rue Claude Debussy 92220 Bagneux France
Tel.: 06 08 58 36 60  
Email: Th.Mouneyrac@wanadoo.fr
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out of 589