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Developers: 4D Developer
Available for hire for 4D development.
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Leary Update
•  4D Developer • 
4D Developer at Nortel since 1995. Currently programmer of client/server system and intranet web-based system using 4D 2003.
4609 Raccoon Trail Hermitage, TN 37076 US
Tel.: 615-530-4605  
Email: marthal96@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.nortel.com/developer
Contact: Martha L Leary
Leddy Consulting
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer • 
With over 30 years of business experience addressing real world situations, we bring a perspective that goes beyond a purely technical response. Please visit our web site for more details.
3145 17th Street Sacramento, CA 95818 US
Tel.: 916-444-2903  
Email: bill@LeddyConsulting.com
URL: http://www.leddyconsulting.com/
Contact: Bill Leddy
Les logiciels Macapa Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Reseller • 
We have been in business since 1991, and doing 4D since 1987. We specialise in inventory systems and web oriented development. We are also well known for our ability to work with legacy systems and update them.
430 Logan Saint-Lambert, QC J1P 1J3 Canada
Tel.: (450) 923-0887   Fax: (450) 923-0889
Email: info@macapa.com
URL: http://www.macapa.com/
Contact: Thierry Daigneault
LGH Informatic
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Reseller •  Software Publisher • 
We are specialized in - Applications for Time & Contact & Document Management - CRM - Document Management Systems (DMS) - Internet & Intranet Applications - Solutions for Publishing Houses - Automated Datatransfer (TMAN)
Döltschihalde 19 Zurich, ZH CH-8055 Switzerland
Tel.: +4144-461-2571   Fax: +4144-461-2778
Email: feedback@lgh.ch
URL: http://www.lgh.ch/
Contact: Peter Langhart
Lineheart Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Reseller •  Software Publisher • 
Z.A. Am Bann, 24 L3372 Leudelange Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 44 68 44   Fax: +352 44 72 44
Email: mail@lineheart.lu
URL: http://www.lineheart.lu/
Literacy Pro Systems, Inc.
•  4D Developer •  Software Publisher • 
1881 Ninth Street, Suite 201 Boulder, CO 80302 United States
Tel.: 866-645-6908   Fax: 303-600-9732
Email: sales@literacypro.com
URL: http://literacypro.com
Contact: Joel Abueg
Lizeric, Inc. Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Instructor •  Software Publisher • 
Lizeric is a full-service consultant company offering 4D and other custom solutions. Lizeric is an authorized reseller for Foresight Financials and 4th Quarter Accounting, and can tailor these accounting systems to fit any business.
234 E Foothill Blvd Arcadia, CA 91006 US
Tel.: 626-357-3906   Fax: 626-357-3956
Email: jleavens@lizeric.com
URL: http://www.lizeric.com/
Contact: Justin Leavens, Liz Liz Delgado
Lockside Software Ltd.
•  4D Developer • 
Suite 2 Phoenix Brewery, Bartholomew Street RG14 5QA Newbury, Berkshire UK
Tel.: +44 (0)1635 528303   Fax: +44 (0)1635 528914
Email: info@lockside.co.uk
URL: http://www.lockside.co.uk/
Logic'Gram Update
•  4D Developer • 
1 avenue Charles de Gaulle 84130 Le Pontet France
Tel.: +33 (0)4 90 32 67 71   Fax: +33 (0)4 90 32 67 52
Email: courrier@logicgram.fr
URL: http://www.logicgram.fr/
Contact: Thierry Maignan
•  4D Developer • 
Logisphère has been developing and deployed VAR and custom 4D databases in Switzerland since 1988. We specialize in business applications, in the paramedical, tourist and optometrist markets.
Rayon de Soleil, CP 132 La Tzoumaz Switzerland
Tel.: +4127 306 4037   Fax: +4127 306 6566
Email: lovejoyp@scopus.ch
Contact: Paul E Lovejoy
Previous Displaying 341 to 350
out of 589