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Developers: Web Developer
Available for hire to develop 4D based Internet solutions.
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Arkware Inc. Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Web Host •  Software Publisher • 
Arkware develops and customizes 4D software. We are also fluent with Microsoft, Java and Oracle programming and database technologies.
4570 W 77th St., Suite 220 Edina, MN 55435 US
Tel.: 952-949-4996   Fax: 612-960-0095
Email: sales@arkware.com
URL: http://www.arkware.com/
Contact: Noah Dykoski
Arman InfoTech Systems, Inc.
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer • 
5+ years of 4D Specializing in data research and client/server products.
517, Harmon Cove Towers Secaucus, NJ 07094 US
Tel.: 201-617-9414   Fax: 201-863-4067
Email: info@armaninfotech.com
URL: http://armaninfotech.com/
Asarum, Inc. Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Software Publisher • 
3920 Bute Street Houston, TX 77006 US
Tel.: 713-524-0524   Fax: 713-524-1618
Email: rboylan@covad.net
Contact: Robert J Boylan
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Software Publisher • 
4d experts since 1989
Agustina de Aragón 3 28006 Madrid Spain
Tel.: 914015099   Fax: 914015099
Email: joaquin.mendes@asemat.es
URL: http://www.asemat.es/
Contact: Joaquin Mendes Castro
Asia Logique Ltd. Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Instructor •  Reseller • 
88, Lockhart Road, 5/F Wanchai Hong Kong
Tel.: (852) 2529 1833   Fax: (852) 2507 5445
Email: contact@asialogique.com
URL: http://www.asialogique.com/
Contact: Laurent Vidonne
Atlantic Associates
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer • 
365 Boston Post Road, Ste 222 Sudbury, MA 01776 US
Tel.: 978-562-7900   Fax: 978-562-2669
Email: info@atlantic-associates.com
URL: http://www.atlantic-associates.com/
Contact: Tim Coogan
Automated Solutions Group Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Tools Publisher •  Software Publisher • 
Our consultants cover the full development cycle, from project conception, analysis and design, through installation and support, even training. We offer many years of experience in: 4D, SQL database design, Internet/Intranet and Web design.
16742 Gothard Street, Suite 210 Huntington Beach, CA 92647-1234 US
Tel.: 714-375-4252   Fax: 714-848-0382
Email: mikee@asgsoft.com
URL: http://www.asgsoft.com/
Contact: Michael S Erickson
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer • 
Axcess specializes in custom accounting and web development for small and medium business.
Tel.: 310-492-5373  
Email: gdriver@axcess-inc.com
URL: http://www.axcess-inc.com/
Contact: Gordon Driver
Axcess Update
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Tools Publisher • 
A 4D developer for 20 years. First began development using 4D at NASA. 4D is a great solution for rapid application database development that is stable and powerful.
2251 N Rampart Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89128 US
Tel.: 702-951-9398   Fax: 702-951-9398
Email: gdriver@axcess-inc.com
URL: Axcess
Contact: Gordon Driver
•  4D Developer •  Web Developer •  Instructor •  Reseller • 
Breitensteinstrasse 88 8037 Zuerich Switzerland
Tel.: +41-44-4404605   Fax: +41-44-4404609
Email: info@balzer-computing.ch
URL: http://www.balzer-computing.ch/
Contact: Gerald Balzer
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out of 334