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Products: Plug-In
4D plug-ins can be installed by putting them in a Win4DX/Mac4DX folder.
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StructNamesPack Update
This 4D plug-in consists of routines that allow you to load the project method names, lists, or form names in an array.
Published by: Osmose Editeur  (France)
Product URL: http://www.e-node.net/StructNamesPack
Stuff ToolKit
Stuff ToolKit is a 4th Dimension plug-in that allows to use Aladdin Systems StuffIt Engine directly from the 4th Dimension programming language.
Published by: Christian Quest  (France)
Product URL: http://www.4d-toolkits.com/stuff/
StuffIt Pack for 4D Update
StuffIt Pack is a 4D plugin that allows you to stuff, unstuff, encrypt and decrypt files from within 4D.
Published by: Kurgan  (France)
Product URL: http://kurgan.free.fr/public/sp/
SuperReport Pro
SuperReport Pro, the most advanced reporting tool for 4D does the Web, allows you to leverage your existing reports for distribution on the Web. You no longer need to output the HTML files to disk before integrating them into web applications.
Published by: Automated Solutions Group  (US)
Product URL: http://www.asgsoft.com/
SybasePack Update
SybasePack replaces 4D SQL Server, for Mac OS X Windows and 4D 2003.
Published by: Osmose Editeur  (France)
Product URL: http://www.osmose.net/eng/syb/SybasePack.htm
This plug-in is used to convert a text field or variable into a text array. You specify the font name, size, and style, as well as the width to use to determine the appropriate line breaks. Converting text into an array can be handy for custom printing routines. **This plug-in is no longer sold.**
Published by: DataCraft  (US)
Product URL: http://www.DataCraft-Inc.com/
Tobit4D Plugin for Windows Update
Tobit4D Plugin for Windows provides a complete and rock solid fax and communication integration directly within 4D and Tobit David. This win only plugin works exclusively with Tobit David.
Published by: node Systemlösungen e.K.  (Germany)
Product URL: http://www.nodegmbh.de/indexplug.htm
ToolBoxPack contains over 70 utility routines that have no equivalent in the 4D language. Most of these routines use the MacOS Application Programming Interface like AppleEvents and Apple Script.
Published by: Osmose Editeur  (France)
Product URL: http://www.e-node.net/ToolBoxPack
USE Shell Update
USE Shell is a simple plugin that integrates 4D Applications with Mac OS X BSD shell layer.
Published by: USE.PL  (Poland)
Product URL: http://4d.use.pl/
VmySQL is a plugin for MacOS X and Windows connecting 4th Dimension 2003 or 2004 to mySQL. The commands are divided into three themes: Connection, Cursors (including Cursor to array) and Tables. VmySQL supports mySQL up to version 4.1, and implements the full mySQL command set. The affordable hassle-free license ($199) allows developers to easily deploy 4th Dimension solutions including mySQL databases: central backup for 4D databases via ADSL, central access for common data (like zip code tables), and much more.
Published by: ROSE  (The Netherlands)
Product URL: http://www.rosedev.nl/
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